Preface: This blog post is part of a series of posts about work I did during my time as in the 12-week Metis Data Science Bootcamp in Winter 2021. This post focuses on gathering track metadata for import into pandas. It will be updated for clarity as feedback is gathered and as my project expands in scope. In the future, I will link articles related to the construction of an audio content-based Spotify song recommender.

Hardware Used: MacBook Pro (Late 2016)

Software Used: Google Chrome (Version 89.0), Jupyter Labs (Version 3.0.7), Spotify Desktop App (Version 1.1.54), …

Preface: This is my first post in a series of posts titled “The Data Science Maker” where I focus on the integration of data science software skills with consumer hardware for creative applications. The series is meant for those new or newly interested in electronics hardware, programming, and data science. Conversations in the comments are encouraged.

Note: I begin with a personal anecdote about my own experience as new electronics maker. To find the “How To” section skip to 1.

“Maybe it’s a concept album?”

My journey into the electronics maker realm is quite short at barely a year long, but there have already been…

Garrecht Metzger

PhD Geologist/Geochemist, Farmer, and Musician turned Data Scientist. Electronics hobbyist.

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